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Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood

Solve ghostly mysteries to find your lost aunt


obtaining lantern oil

by Jasmine Casimir - Jul 16, 2012 Star_s20,992 views

does anyone know a way to get more lantern oil besides leveling up and making some? At the begining of the game you get a bunch for quests but do you get anymore that way past level 8? i completely ran out of lantern oil way too quickly....

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Stephanie McCormick - Jul 18, 2012

I'm constantly just making the large batches of lantern oil to get mine. I only noticed I think one time after either leveling up or completing a goal I was awarded 3. I'm only level 13 and have to only make them to get more. It sucks that it always takes atleast 3 lanterns to find whatever you are searching for.

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